These small utility functions are not concerned with plotting, but rather lets you query information about the plotter or execute small commands useful for setup.

axi_version(options = axi_options())

axi_sysinfo(options = axi_options())

axi_toggle_pen(options = axi_options())

axi_align(options = axi_options())

axi_pen_test(tip_size, line_overlap, options = axi_options())

axi_pen_align(x_offset = 0, y_offset = 0)



An axi_options object. See the documentation for axi_options() for all the settings. Many are not relevant for these function.


The size of the tip (i.e. the width of the line it draws) of the initial pen


The overlap between adjacent pen strokes when filling out shapes and drawing thick lines, in mm. Setting this to a negative amount will cause gaps between the lines.

x_offset, y_offset

The offsets in mm to test


The different functions have various, unrelated, uses:

  • axi_version() returns the version of the AxiDraw software

  • axi_sysinfo() returns the EBB firmware version and system information

  • axi_toggle_pen() toggles the position of the pen (raises it if lowered and vice versa)

  • axi_align() raises the pen and turns off the stepper motors so the carriage can be moved freely.

  • axi_pen_test() will test the look of filled areas with respect to a specific pen setting

  • axi_pen_align() allows you to test different offset values between two pens to determine the correct setting.